Monday, July 02, 2007

Yi Jianlian

  • He refused to work out with other players and would only play against a chair in his workouts.
  • He banned Milwaukee from attending his workout.
  • Milwaukee drafted him anyway thinking he was the best player at #6.
  • He decided that he wasn't going to attend the post-draft conference.
  • He didn't show up at Milwaukee after the draft.
  • He is getting his agents to force a trade even though the Bucks intend on keeping him.

    If he wants to be in a city with heavy Asian population, he should stay in China!
    Yi Jianlian shouldn't even be allowed to play in the NBA at all.

    Check out this article:

    In Dallas on Sunday, when asked if he'd had any contact with the Bucks, the 7-foot power forward said, "I don't want to talk about that."